Rotting Food and SFX for Item Use – Final Fallacy Devlog #3 (Indie Game Development)

Indie development of Final Fallacy continues! I have now made that food actually rots. Also items, when consumed, have each different unique SFX. I am a bit proud of this as this was not originally in RPG Maker MV. While a simple thing, it gives a lot of immersion and individuality for each item.

Back In Action – Final Fallacy Devlog #2 (Indie Game Development)

Back in action to develop the indie game that has been long overdue… Final Fallacy. A game that keeps on giving! The development never ends as the developer thinks to be the smart cookie by coming back and beginning by saying… “Oh bother, this indie game has been long overdue…” How could one resist such? No-one can… Final Fallacy brings back the classic 8-bit RPGs, with a few twists! Start with group of three heroes and gather your party along the way to face the hardest foe of all… the harsh reality.