“Will you save the kingdom or be the one to destroy it?”

Final Fallacy brings back the classic RPGs, with a few twists! Start with group of three heroes and gather your party along the way to face the hardest foe of all… the harsh reality.

The encounter with your mother is a hard one.

Colorful 8-bit World

Immerse yourself! In colorful world of Final Fallacy be either a hero or a villain. Travel, hunt, craft, rule a city or destroy it!

Story-Driven Sandbox RPG

Real Breathing World! Final Fallacy has real-life simulations. Guilds, kingdoms, and AI-controlled characters progress like you’d do!

Permanent Consequences

Story has high stakes! If your characters die, they cannot be revived. In Final Fallacy your actions have consequences!

Story Based Upon Children’s Crusade and Emperor of the Romans

While being in a fantasy world, Final Fallacy‘s setting that takes inspiration from Children’s Crusade and Carolingian Empire’s history in central Europe (800-880). This era of history is hardly explored in video games. Theme is about power of innocence that is often prayed upon by the harsh reality. The whole game and it’s world is built upon this principle.

14 Classes to Choose From!

Choose (from left to right) hunter, monk, bard, lord, saint, paladin, rogue, ronin, sorcerer, sumo, warrior, thief, witch or wizard to be part of your party! Start with a combination of 3, and in end of the game you can have up-to 5 active party members! Each class specializes in their unique usefulness.

Three Games That Inspired Us

We love some good RPG’s. In old times they used to make great, but challenging experiences. Worlds that you could sink hours upon hours. There was always something exciting. Sadly, modern games won’t give you this. More and more companies that even we liked are shifting towards micro-transactions and live-services. People thirst for the times when games were actually made to be fun, yet hard. This is our goal. Our plan is to see what made older classics enjoyable and improve with modern hardware and design.

Huge World Map Free to Explore

Travel either around the huge landscapes of handcrafted vistas! Each location you see on the map you are able to explore up close. With procedural generation we made woods and mountains and afterwards added all locations and people on by hand. We have been able to simulate a real world not just with the environments but with cultures and populations that move on their on pace no matter what the player does.

Mighty Foes & Allies!

While adventuring, you’ll encounter potential allies and foes alike. You can either take them on or actually talk some sense to them. Not all encounters end with bloodshed, there are many options. Choose your words wisely and gain trust of both men and even monstrosities!

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