Final Fallacy – #1 Update on Visuals

Happy Monday to all readers! Currently I am in process of making discussion between characters as visual as possible. You cannot hear sounds, but there is also voice acting taking place.

As you can see in this GIF, two characters have speech bubbles with their names and what they have to say. There will be more in that in future such as: voice acting and expressions being shown and what player can interact. However, it is the first step to start putting all created scenes and discussions together. Looking forward to soon share more information.

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Final Fallacy is an open-world rogue-like RPG video game. Set in a fantasy world with western medieval and eastern mysticism as influences, there is a crumbling kingdom in its last legs similar to ancient Rome. All events are set in motion with a royal betrayal beyond measure! That is where you come in. As three nobodies, you must decide whether to save the kingdom, or be the one causing its destruction.

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