And Our Journey Begins

Elokas has now officially began its journey in world of video games!

My name is Elias and I am from Elokas Creative! We make indie games that experiment with never-seen game systems! Our indie studio is based in Finland and our journey actually started around 2 years ago.

In summer of 2018 I had an idea to start developing a video game similar to Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. I am a huge fan of rpg titles of the old made by companies both in west and east.

The sad reality of the games coming nowadays is the fact that often many games focus on the visual aspect of games. Many, even the giants of the industries, have abandoned what made video games originally so great. In depth systems that you could spend months trying to understand. All of these have been long forgotten by many…

But not by Elokas!

I still remember how games used not to ask you pay micro-transactions for every single minute. There was a time when most video games released had to be full-length experiences. But somewhere along the way these games lost what made them so wonderful in the first place.

As our first project, Final Fallacy is going to shake the rpg game scene in a major way. For so long I have awaited a game or a studio to make my dream game to come true. After years of wait, I had to stop whining and actually begin making that very game myself. That is what you are going to see in Final Fallacy when it comes out. The old spirit of video games has not yet been forgotten!

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